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Guiding Principles

Our Vision

To be the elite national industrial contractor of choice offering unparalleled service in general contracting, construction management, design-build services, and self-performed sub-trade project support.

Built to last

WSN Construction is committed to serving our markets for the long term. As part of the Centuri family of companies, we are guided by the six principles of our Sustainability Framework in everything we do. These principles guide how we treat our customers, our colleagues, and the communities where we live and work every day.

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Safety is what we stand for.

The safety of our employees and the communities where we live and work is our first priority. We do things the right way, every day, to ensure our projects are safe and reliable for those who depend on them.

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Quality is what we leave behind.

We are uniquely positioned to serve as a strategic partner for diverse customer needs across services and geographies. Bringing our unique expertise, experience, and resources to every project, WSN Construction does things right and ensures that projects are forward-thinking, cost-effective, on-time, and compliant with stringent standards for enduring safety and quality.

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Environment is our home.

WSN Construction partners with customers to set the standard for environmental stewardship in the field, our fleet, and our facilities, and carry these values through all facets of our business practices and partnerships.

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Economy is a long-term investment.

Our commitment is to serve our communities for the long-term, contributing to a sustained local economy by creating jobs, growing local businesses, and contributing to the tax base. We invest in the communities where we live and work every day.

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Community is who we serve.

As part of the fabric of our communities, we promote supplier diversity, cultivate an inclusive work environment, and hire locally. We believe in philanthropy — fostering productive and lasting positive results in the communities where we live and work every day.

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Employees are our lifeblood.

The knowledge and expertise of our employees is our most valuable asset in building long-term, customer-focused relationships, and in ensuring project success for our customers. Our commitment to safety is matched only by our commitment to our diverse, collaborative, and best-in-class team members.

WSN Construction Guiding Principles

Our Mission

  • To be our customers’ partner for all of their project needs—today and for the future.
  • To be the industry’s first-choice contractor delivering on-time project completion, quality, and value to customers in our service offerings.
  • To continuously pursue new technology and innovation that improve safety, quality, productivity, and client satisfaction.
  • To promote steady growth through targeted customer relationships, referrals, and strategic business development.
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Construction Services For a Sustainable Infrastructure

As a Centuri company, WSN Construction shares the same Think Ahead approach for sustainability. Six critical factors of our business make up our Sustainability Framework. These principles guide how we treat our customers, our colleagues, and the communities where we live and work every day.

WSN Construction - Three Smiling Employees

Honesty, Commitment & Quality Craftsmanship

Our commitments derive from our basic core values for Safety, Customers, and People. They are the foundation of our culture and essential to earning a solid base of repeat business.

  • We maintain the safest and healthiest workplaces possible for our employees, contractors, sub-contractors, clients, and co-workers.
  • We deliver client satisfaction with the highest quality service and products available.
  • We are transparent and stand behind the integrity of our decisions.
  • We approach every venture as a partner or ally and can be counted on when our partners are in need.
WSN Construction Industrial Site

Relationships Built to Last

WSN Construction strives to act at all times as partners to the project, and that philosophy has yielded enduring relationships that can be called upon again in times of need. We are proud to have built long-lasting relationships with numerous clients in many key sectors of the Canadian economy such as: pipelines, power generators, oil and gas, manufacturing, fuel infrastructure, airports, and government to name a few. Please contact us to discuss how we may build a relationship with your organization and to obtain references as required.

In addition to the allies we attain from project delivery, WSN Construction is committed to participating in various industry committees and councils to further the industry overall. Currently, WSN Construction is a proud member of the following:

  • Construction Labour Relations Association of BC (CLRA)
  • Commitment to First Nations Involvement

We believe that responsible business practices involve meaningful inclusion and deep respect for Indigenous cultures and values. We also recognize the importance of our First Nations partners to our business, and more importantly, their importance to the heritage and identity of Canada. Our goal, when we have the opportunity, is to provide a diverse range of opportunities to all First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities through direct-hire as well as joint-venture partnerships.

Each project undertaken by WSN Construction represents a unique situation where a variety of services are required to ensure successful delivery. We look to our First Nations partners to meet these challenges when our ventures occur in First Nations’ communities and on their traditional territories. WSN Construction also provides a wide array of training and professional employment opportunities for community members.

View our PAR Commitment Statement

WSN Construction Fuel Tanks

Memberships & Associations

  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations
  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
  • Electrical Power Systems Construction Association
  • Electrical Safety Authority
  • Boilermaker Contractors Association
  • Ontario Waste Management Association
  • Yukon Contractors Association
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario
  • Grand Valley Construction Association
  • Electrical Contractors Association
  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association