Our Relationships

Relationships Built to Last

WSN Construction strives to act at all times as partners to the project, and those undertakings yield enduring relationships that can be called upon again in times of need. We are proud to have built long-lasting relationships with numerous clients in many key sectors of the Canadian economy such as: pipelines, power generators, oil and gas, manufacturing, fuel infrastructure, airports, and government to name a few. Please contact us to discuss how we may build a relationship with your organization and to obtain references as required.

In addition to the allies we attain from project delivery, WSN Construction is committed to participating in various industry committees and councils to further the industry overall. Currently, WSN Construction is a proud member of the following:

  • Construction Labour Relations Association of BC (CLRA)

Commitment to First Nations Involvement

We believe that responsible business practices involve meaningful inclusion and deep respect for Indigenous cultures and values. We also recognize the importance of our First Nations partners to our business, and more importantly, their importance to the heritage and identity of Canada. Our goal, when have the opportunity, is to provide a diverse range of opportunities to all First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities through direct-hire as well as joint-venture partnerships.

Each project undertaken by WSN Construction represents a unique situation where a variety of services are required to ensure successful delivery. We look to our First Nations partners to meet these challenges when our ventures occur in First Nations’ communities and on their traditional territories. WSN Construction also provides a wide array of training and professional employment opportunities for community members.

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